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Menlo FRC Classes

Here’s a look at a couple classes that happened at the Menlo Family Resource Center just before the Thanksgiving Break! Tucson Unified parents took part in Guiding Good Choices, a course that helps parents and caregivers build skills to reduce their children’s risk for negative behavior, and Conversational English.

A group of parents participate in a class at the Menlo FRC.
A group of parents listen attentively in a class at the Menlo FRC.
Closeup of a teacher's hands paging through her lesson book.
A group of parents talk at a table outside the Menlo FRC.
A teacher stands at the board during a class at the Menlo FRC.

Recognizing that family and community engagement is a critical component of success for every student enrolled at Tucson Unified School District, the District has designed each of its Family Resource Centers to promote engagement by serving as a one-stop shop for families to learn about and access community resources.

Each Family Resource Center is equipped to help families learn about important District policies and procedures, including:

  • Enrollment
  • Transportation
  • Advanced Learning Experiences
  • Discipline policies and procedures
  • Curricular and student support services
  • Educational options for children whose primary language is not English (ELL)

Our centers offer resources such as clothing banks, classes, bilingual services and more. For more information about the Family Resource Centers, please call 520-232-8684.

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